Monday, March 31, 2008

Special show in Sarasota, FL April 5th

WE will are doing a jet ski stunt show in Sarasota Florida with a special client to promote the insurance industry at Marina Jacks. The plan is to hook up with John Havel, Kirk Britto, and Patrick (X-metal works)Bogart, plus I will be hanging with the Aussie orginal Kelman Riches. Kelman Riches has a killer place right in the middle of Orlando, near the citrus bowl on Clear lake on about 18 wooded acres right in the middle of the big city.

APR Boat Race in Peroia, IL added to schedule

We are pleased to work with the APR boat racing tour to provide between heat entertainment that will compliment their racing program. This location in Peroia offers big crowds around 10,000 attending the Steamboat festival, which is based around the Water events like the boat race and jet ski show.