Tuesday, May 13, 2008

GM River Days on Detroit River Jet Ski Stunt Show

jet ski stunt show
Typhoon Tommy Nuttall and the Typhoon jet ski Freestyle Team will put on exciting jet ski stunt shows on Friday, June 20 through Monday, June 23, featuring some of the top freestyle ski performers in the industry, including: former Sea World water show performers Typhoon Tommy and Rambo Roise Nuttall, Former national champions Joe Eckert and Mike Hoffman, multi-talented Jeff Marsh, Ken “nemo” Balough, Chad Cummings, Tom Timm, Corey Gibson, Jason Burns, and many others.
Don’t miss highflying jet ski freestyle jumping, underwater dives and crowd interactions. There will be lots of other action between water shows that will include hula-hoop, poster and t-shirt signings, lifejacket safety demos and pictures with the skiers.Full Performance Schedule coming soon