Monday, September 21, 2009

Indoor watercross called Grindco H2X in Moline, IL Iwireless center huge success

Moline, IL witness the extreme indoor watercross called Grinco H2X on Sept. 19th, 2009 at the I Wireless Center. This event featured the WFWA jet ski freestyle team of Eric Malone, Typhoon Tommy Nuttall, Rambo Rosie, Mike Hoffman and Joe Eckert. Rambo Rosie did double time by even racing in the pro standup ski class, this was an amazing event in front of 3,000 people at the Moline I Wireless Center. The team worked hard with the Grindco entertainment team to make the event a success!
H2X indoor watercross
H2X indoor watercross moline, il Typhoon tommyEric malone backflip at H2X indoor watercross - photo by Keith Barta

WOW is Indoor watercross called H2X in Moline, IL Iwireless center a huge success